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Why You're Not Creative (And How 1 Simple Exercise Can Change That)

Why You're Not Creative (And How 1 Simple Exercise Can Change That)

Let me explain...

Creativity is the ability to make unconventional connections between existing concepts.

Every single person can be creative. Creativity is a muscle, and with enough practice and effort, it can grow. Don't believe me? 

Good. Keep reading...

So, the first step to becoming more creative is to train your brain to think outside the box. 

Now, put on your gym leggings because we're about to start this creative workout.

Step 1:
Open your phone camera.

Step 2.
Look for faces in everyday objects

The actions are very simple:

  1. Spot a face
  2. Take a picture
  3. Save it to your camera roll

You can look for faces all around you: In the food you eat. In the objects around your house. In the objects around your city.

Your goal is to find one face each day for 30 days. 

But don't cheat. Don't draw a face in a steamed up window. Or arrange items so they look like a face. Don't cut corners. It's supposed to challenge your creative thinking.

Remember, the goal here is to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You are training your creative muscle. No half reps.

Step 3: Stretch your creativity. 

Too easy? Getting bored? Make the game harder. 

Challenge yourself to:

  • Find only faces in certain objects
  • Find only certain expressions
  • Find more than one face a day

You can also challenge someone to help keep you motivated

Over time ... 

You'll find it easier to connect unrelated dots. Which is the measure of a creative person. 

You see, the game although simple will force you to explore your surroundings - and to think outside the box.

Remember, creativity is not some elusive quality that only a select few have. It's a muscle that can grow with enough practice and effort. 

And the best part? 

Everyone has access to it.

Even you.

– Dave

p.s below are some of the faces I captured this week...

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