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How To Get More Instagram Followers


Your Instagram followers are more than a number. Rather, they're real people who are part of your creative community.

Growing your community is vital to expanding reach, boosting traffic, and increasing sales. But don't worry. I'm not here to talk about spamming your way to Instagram fame with bot accounts and fake followers.

Instead, I'm going to share 10 tried-and-tested ways to grow your Instagram following. From memes to collaboration, these tips will help you cultivate a thriving Instagram community.

1. Don't bot-her...say no to fake follower.

Growth on Instagram is a marathon, not a sprint. The urge to buy followers or bots can be strong, but it’s not the answer. Not only is it against Instagram’s Terms of Use, but it’ll do you a disservice in the long run. You might see a quick surge in followers, but Instagram’s algorithm can weed out phoney engagement and fake accounts.

Sure, audience count is important, but growing organically is the way to go. It might take some time, but attracting quality followers who will engage with your content and stick around is worth the wait. 

Patience is a virtue... 

And while it may not happen overnight, with persistence and authenticity, you can build a community that supports you and your work.

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2. Make Yourself Memorable

You wouldn't walk into a store without knowing what it sells... 

So why would you expect anyone to follow your Instagram account if they don't know what it's all about?

To turn visitors into followers, you need a clear value proposition. Whether you're offering tips, or inspirational quotes, you need to communicate what your account is all about.

3. Paint a Picture-Perfect Insta-Portrait

Your Instagram is more than a simple feed. It's your resume, portfolio, and website all rolled into one.

Sure, it doesn't have to be pixel-perfect, but let's face it, first impressions are still key. 

You have a few seconds to capture somebodies attention. In that time you need to showcase your brand's vibe. A well-crafted Instagram aesthetic can make all the difference between gaining a loyal follower or losing them.

4. Increase Your Following with Cross-Promotion

Cross-promote your account on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube. It is an excellent starting point to grow your audience.

When you upload content on Instagram, you can turn on/off sharing for each social network that you want to share with.

To link your Instagram account with other social networks, go to your profile and tap Menu > Settings > Account > Sharing to Other Apps. Then, log in to your preferred social network and connect your accounts.

5. Unleash the Power of Instagram Giveaways

An Instagram giveaway can do wonders for boosting your follower count. By doing it right, you could score a whole bunch of fresh followers and foster a tighter-knit community around your brand. Also people like free stuff.

The trick is to lay down some entry rules that align with your growth targets. Think tagging pals in the comments, sharing your posts to Insta Stories, and of course, following your account. 

Bonus points if you team up with a creator or brand that shares your target audience, you could 5X your followers if you get it right.

6. Meme Your Way to More Followers

When it comes to expanding your audience, memes are an amazing starting point. All it takes is one viral post to reach thousands... no millions of people!

Memes have a knack for going viral, especially when they tap into what's hot in popular culture. They're often clever or funny and combine text with visuals like photos, GIFs, or videos.

If your meme connects with your community, it's more likely to spread far and wide!

7. Connect with your competitors' audience

One way to grow your following on Instagram is to connect with your competitors' followers. After all, these people have already shown interest in products or services similar to yours.

So, how can you attract these followers to your own account? Engagement is the key. By interacting with them, you can build relationships that lead to more followers and increased engagement in the future.

There are three types of engagement you can use on Instagram: following a user, liking a photo, and commenting on a photo. 

And don't forget to inject some personality into your comments by adding a few emojis! Remember, the more effort you put into engagement, the greater the rewards in terms of followers and engagement.

8. Don't hesitate to ask your fans to follow you.

Just like how your favorite YouTuber politely asks their viewers to follow them at the end of their videos, you can also ask your audience to follow you.

Sometimes your Instagram followers absolutely love your posts but just need a gentle push to hit that "follow" button. 

You can even weave it into your Instagram captions. Draw your audience in by highlighting the value they'll receive if they follow you.

9. Cracking the Instagram Code

Stop obsessing over cracking the Instagram algorithm and instead, focus on using the system to your advantage. 

To make the most out of the platform, you need to understand the six factors that determine what shows up in a user's timeline. Interest, timeliness, relationship, frequency, following, and usage.

Here’s a quick rundown of what each of those factors refers to: 
  1. Interest: How much Instagram thinks a person will like the post based on previous activity 
  2. Timeliness: How recent the post is 
  3. Relationship: Accounts a person engages with regularly 
  4. Frequency: How often a person uses Instagram 
  5. Following: Posts from the accounts a person follows 
  6. Usage: How much time a person spends on Instagram

Though it might seem like a lot to think about, Instagram's algorithm is designed to highlight the best content for each individual user. 

So, rather than obsessing over each individual factor, focus on creating high-quality content. That's the best way to succeed on Instagram!

10. Don't Let People Hunt for Your Instagram

Make it easy for people to find your Instagram. Don't make them hunt through pages of your website or scour the depths of the internet to connect with you. One way to do this is by placing your Instagram account link in different locations. 

Add your Instagram account link to:

Email footers.
Website footer/sidebar.
Bios on other social media platforms.
Social media posts from team members: Encourage your team members to share company updates on their own social media accounts, and include a link to your Instagram in their posts.

By implementing these tactics, you can increase your visibility and make it easier for others to connect with you on Instagram.

– Dave

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