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How To Make Your Project Better Overnight

How to make your project better overnight

When in doubt, take a step back. 

Humans are great at adapting to new situations. That's just part of our DNA.

Whether it's a project, or even a relationship, taking a step back and gaining some distance can provide a fresh point-of-view. It's a simple but powerful way to revitalise your perspective.

So, why not apply this trick to your projects? 

Here's how you do it... 

The Overnight Rule:

When I finish creating something, I never share it right away. I don't even show it to anyone. Not even my wife.

I sit on it. 

I wait about 24 hours until the project is out of my head. During that time I will exercise, shower, walk, play with my kids, cook, clean... everything except think about the project. Only when it is completely out of my head do I then sit down to make any changes.

I will always find something:
  • A better font...
  • A better headline...
  • A better color...

An opportunity to be clearer, or more persuasive ...

It's a simple and effective method that can be applied to creating art, music, writing, building online businesses... anything that needs creativity.

You're a good creator.

But nobody's perfect. So go ahead, sleep on that project. 

Come morning you'll be happy you did. 

- Dave

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